VIETNAM PREMIUM PRODUCTS TRADING CO., LTD would like to thank the trust and cooperation of your company in the past time.

After more than 5 years of operation and development, Vietnam Premium Products Trading has become the exclusive importer of the prestigious kitchen brand Zwilling J.A Henckels in Vietnam. In order to affirm the position of the company to expand, develop and enhance the products and services, Vietnam Premium Products Trading Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the change of the company's name to our customers and partners as follows:

1. Change the company name with details

2. From May 14, 2019, Vietnam Premium Products Trading Co., Ltd will officially use the company name according to the amended information.

3. Starting from May 14, 2019, please use the information as amended above when signing the contract, appendix, issuing invoice for payment and delivery. Other civil translations.

4. The change of name of this Company does not affect transactions, relationships, civil obligations as well as the performance of previously signed Contracts. In case of necessity, the company may sign additional annexes to amend this new name.

So Vietnam Premium Products Trading Co., Ltd. informs customers and partners to know and coordinate implementation.

Sincerely thank you.

VPP Trading

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