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Describe: AMT non-stick aluminum frying pan is made of 6 layers: 1 pure aluminum layer, 1 aluminum coating to stabilize the structure, 1 layer of strong aluminum oxide (Titanium Oxide), limiting scratches, 1 layer of Anti-corrosion, preventing counter In addition to detergents and acids in some foods, a steel layer is reinforced by ceramic crystals and finally, a proprietary Lotan non-stick coating. The 9mm thick bottom layer is optimized for heat retention and uniform heat conduction. Lotan® non-stick coatings are strong, enhance their non-stick properties and limit the production of bacteria after a period of use. In particular, the Lotan® coating also helps reduce water consumption when cooking. Insulated handle. Products heat resistant up to 240C. Use on all types of stoves, especially magnetic cookers. Use: Specialized for processing fried foods. Preservation: Safe cleaning with dishwasher. Hand hygiene: use a soft cloth, wipe gently; Do not use toilet products. Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: AMT Gastroguss Made in: Germany Warranty: 2 years (when having technical problems due to manufacturer errors) Material: Monolithic aluminum alloy

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