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Vendor: AMT
Describe: AMT Gastroguss, making AMT Pressure Cooker simple, safe and time-saving cooking, ensuring vitamins, vitamins and nutrition during cooking. The product is made of monolithic aluminum alloy (pure aluminum accounts for 80%) and has 9 times better heat retention than steel products, thereby saving considerable energy and cooking time. The product surface is coated with a unique Lotan® non-stick coating, completely free of PFOA, capable of killing bacteria and saving a significant amount of water compared to conventional products. The lid is simple to design, the cooking mode is diverse and absolutely safe thanks to the pressure lock button when used. The product comes with a toughened glass lid that makes it easy to observe food during cooking. Use for all types of stoves, optimal on the induction hob. The kit includes: 1 24cm pressure cooker, 1 pressure cap and 1 toughened glass lid. Use: Specialized for processing security dishes, casseroles quickly, saving time. - Hiccup I: Slowly cook 113 degrees C, to stew vegetables and fish. - Hicc II: Quickly cook 120 degrees C, to stew meat and cook soup. How to release the pressure: Leaving the pressure cooker cool will help the food soften until the safety valve shuts down, so you can open the lid. Preservation: Remove the manual pressure relief valve. After each use, clean the lid and rubber stopper with warm water and store in a dry place. Clean easily with a soft sponge. Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: AMT Gastroguss Made in: Germany Warranty: 2 years (when having technical problems due to manufacturer errors) Material: Monolithic aluminum alloy.

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