Bordallo - Pitchers - Mallard

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Describe: The products of the Bordallo brand are not only famous for the differences in design and aesthetics of each product model but also thanks to the versatility and convenience in each design; Binh is manufactured and designed completely by hand, bringing quality products, meticulously to every detail; High-class ceramic material, has undergone many stages of strict quality inspection to bring durability, limit scratches, tanks and batches during use; The product is part of the “Nature” collection, the main theme of the collection focuses on the animals that are familiar in life, bringing interesting things to display in the house or on tables; The product can be used to store water in daily meals or in parties; Binh can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but Bordallo Pinheiro does not recommend; Can be used with microwave ovens. Use: The product can be used daily or in parties; Preservation: Clean with clean water; Keep in dry places; Bordallo can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but not recommended. Brand Information Brand: Bordallo Pinheiro. Made in Portugal. Material: ceramic. Products without warranty.

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