Durachefs - Speed chopper

Describe: Specialized tools for cutting vegetables to save time and simplify cooking, along with a non-slip design that makes it easy to handle tools; With 3 premium blades made from Swiss technology used in cutting, grinding fruits, vegetables, beans or herbs; Products compact, convenient, suitable for any kitchen; Easy to disassemble, clean, safe when cleaning by dishwasher; Products include: 1 body, 1 cover, 1 set of blades. Size Information: Weight: 0.5 kg Size: 14.5 x 14.5 x 12.5 cm Use & Storage: Use: Specialized for grinding, cutting foods like vegetables, meat, etc. How to use: Put all the ingredients to grind into the bowl, then pull the zippers to grind / cut vegetables in seconds; Preservation: Safe cleaning with dishwasher; Wash by hand with water and a little soap, then pat dry; Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: Durachefs 1 year warranty Material: synthetic resin, stainless steel.

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