FRANÇAIS - Asia Mood - Pental napkin - 58x58cm

SKU: 24226
Describe: Pental napkins in FRANÇAIS's Asia Mood collection are designed according to the characteristics of the East with lightness and sophistication from colors to patterns on the fabric. Made from durable linen and less stains to help you easily clean and preserve. Size Information: Weight: Size: 58 x 58 cm. Use & Storage: Use: Used to decorate on the table of the family party or in restaurants and hotels. Preservation: Wash towels at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees C, do not use dry cleaning mode for towels. Do not use harsh detergents when washing, only use a little soap to avoid affecting the color of the towel. Do not dry towels after washing. Adjust the iron to under 200 degrees C when it is towel. Brand Information: Brand: FRANÇAIS. Material: 100% Cotton. Made in France. Products without warranty.

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