FRANÇAIS - Ming Design- Jade napkin - 58x58cm

SKU: 25267
Describe: Jade napkins in FRANÇAIS's Ming Design collection are products combining traditional and modern elements, especially patterns inspired by Chinese patterns on ceramics. Towels made with 100% Cotton material both absorb good and limit fouling, easy to clean and preserve. Size Information: Weight: Size: 58 x 58 cm. Use & Storage: Use: Used to decorate on the table of the family party or in restaurants and hotels. Preservation: Wash towels at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees C, do not use dry cleaning mode for towels. Do not use harsh detergents when washing, only use a little soap to avoid affecting the color of the towel. Do not dry towels after washing. Adjust the iron to under 200 degrees C when it is towel. Brand Information: Brand: FRANÇAIS. Material: 100% Cotton. Made in France. Products without warranty.

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