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KAI - Shun Premier - Slicing knife - 24cm

Thương hiệu: KAI
Mã SP: TDM0704
Kích thước
Hotline hỗ trợ: 0933445030
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Describe: Shun Premier is a high-end handmade Japanese Kai brand knife that stands out in the elegance and durability of the blade. The knife is made by San Mai technique with the core of VG-MAX steel combined with 68 outer layers of Damascus steel made from exclusive steel to help the knife to both achieve high sharpness and provide superior durability. The blade part with 16-degree sharpening angle makes a difference in sharpness compared to the lines always sharpened at 20-22 degrees of Europe. The "Tsuchime" technique on the surface of the tongue helps to reduce food adhesion when slicing with a knife. The handle is made from Pakka wood and creates a "D" shape to help the knife user feel comfortable in their operations. The tool's hardness is around 61 HRc, which helps to keep the sharpness of the knife longer. Note: Knives are not suitable for cutting or cutting hard foods such as bones, frozen foods, etc. Size Information: Weight: Height: Use: Specialized for cutting, slicing meat. Preservation: Hygiene products by hand. Keep in dry places. Brand Information: Brand: KAI. Made in Japan. Material: VG-MAX Steel & KAI Exclusive Steel. Products without warranty.
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