Kilner - Kombucha drinks set - 7pcs

Vendor: KILNER
SKU: 0025.895
Describe: The Kilner glass vase set is dedicated to preserving and brewing high quality teas such as Kombucha, ginseng tea, etc. as well as other drinks; The kit includes: 1 Kilner 3L jar with wooden lid; 2 bottles of 0.4L; 2m braided wire; 3 pieces of 21cm3 fabric; 3L glass jar with spout makes it easy to sample during preparation as well as used to pour tea at parties. Size Information: Weight: 2.3 kg Size: 28 x 21.5 x 14.5 cm Use & Storage Use: Used to preserve and brew many nutritious teas like Kombucha, ginseng tea, ... as well as other drinks; Preservation: Wash the product with clean water before use; Do not directly pour boiling water into the flask; The product can be cleaned by dishwashers; Store in a cool, dry place. Brand Information Brand: Kilner Material: glass

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