Lodge - Pro Logic Cast Iron Skillet - 30.48cm

Vendor: LODGE
SKU: P12S3
Describe: Lodge Logic Pan 30.48 cm of Lodge makes it easy to prepare dishes such as sautéed, fried, fried or baked. The product is made of sturdy cast iron, is durable and has high heat holding capacity. Add flavor to dishes. Can be used on all types of stoves, optimally on stoves and ovens. Easily create a natural anti-stick layer by oiling regularly after each use. Size Information: Weight: 3.3 kg Size: 47.5 x 30 x 5.5 cm Use: Specialized in making pan-fried, baked or deep-fried dishes. Can be used with all types of stoves, optimal on the induction hob. Preservation: Limit the use of cleaning agents to clean. So I oil after each use. Keep in dry places. Guide Me to Oil: Oven mitts Rinse the product with warm water and wipe dry. Spread a little vegetable oil on the entire surface of the product. Place the product face up in an oven at 150-200 degrees C for 60 minutes, then allow to cool and store in a dry place. Other types of kitchen Rinse with warm water, place the product on a hot stove until the surface is dry Turn off the heat and spread a little vegetable oil on the entire product. To cool the product, continue to put the product on the stove and continue to oil 2-3 times to ensure gloss and create a layer of natural oils for the product. Brand Information: Brand: Lodge. Made in the USA. 5 year warranty. Material: cast iron.

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