Miyabi - 6000MCT paring knife - 9cm

Vendor: MIYABI
SKU: 34072-091
Describe: The Miyabi Japanese knife series is the perfect combination of craft and Micro Carbide special steels with a hardness of up to 63 HRC, SG2 core (combined keeping nickel and stainless steel) for superior cutting performance with the design “ Tsuchime ”completed completely by hand. Each knife is hand-crafted using the traditional method of Japanese artisans. Along with ergonomic ergonomic handle design, it is the perfect combination of Rosewood Pakka wood with modern and classic accents, making the use of knives more perfect and stylish than ever. . CRYODUR® cold fill technology: steel will be cold-rolled and forged at temperatures below -196 degrees Celsius to balance the structure of the steel and shape the knife. The blade will then be processed at high temperatures to create sharpness and durability for the blade. Hygiene products by hand. Size Information: Weight: 0.4 kg. Dimensions: 37.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm. Use: Specialized for peeling and trimming vegetables. Preservation: Can be cleaned by dishwasher. Keep in dry places. Brand Information: Brand: Miyabi. Material: Special Micro Carbide steel powder. Products are not warranted.

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