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Staub - Saute pan Chistera - Black

Thương hiệu: STAUB
Mã SP: 12612425
Kích thước
Hotline hỗ trợ: 0933445030
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Describe: Christera cast iron pan is inspired by the Basque Pelota - a traditional French sport. The highlight of the pan is the Christera technology that helps condense water vapor and retain moisture, the nutrients of food better than conventional pots. With cast iron material, the product helps to transmit and retain optimal heat, keeping the taste of the dish intact. External enamel coating is scratch resistant, wear resistant, easy to clean. Knob handle is made of nickel, can withstand heat up to 250 degrees C. Use on all types of stoves, ideally on induction cookers and ovens. Use: Specialized for baked goods, simmered, stewed or displayed on the dining table. Use on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. Preservation: Can be cleaned in the dishwasher, encourage washing products by hand. Use a soft cloth to clean the product, not a pan. Keep in dry places. Brand Information: Brand: Staub 5 year warranty Material: cast iron.
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