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Staub - Tomato Cocotte - Cherry

Thương hiệu: STAUB
Mã SP: 11712506
Kích thước
Hotline hỗ trợ: 0933445030
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Describe The tomato-shaped cast iron pot is a special product of Staub, the inside is covered with black enamel suitable for security, stew, and grill and can be placed on the dining table as well as limiting scratches during use. use. The enamel outside helps the pot to be durable, easy to store and clean. Can be used on all types of stoves, optimal for induction cookers and ovens. Use: Specialized in making security dishes, stews, baked goods or can be used to place on the table. Use on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. Preservation: Can be cleaned in the dishwasher, encourage washing products by hand. Use a soft cloth to clean the product, not a pan. Keep in dry places. Brand Information: Brand: Staub. Made in France. 5 year warranty. Material: cast iron.
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