Vacu Vin - Wine saver pack - 3pcs

Vendor: VACU VIN
SKU: 09814606
Describe: The Vacu Vin vacuum kit slowly draws air out of the opened bottle, and the stopper with a cork slows down oxidation, keeping the bottle open to retain flavor. Emit a sound when the required vacuum level is reached. Storing opened wine, slowing down oxidation. Not for Champagne. Products include pump set and 2 corks. Size Information: Weight: 0.1 kg Dimensions: 20.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm Use & Storage Use: Use air suction from the corked bottle and keep the bottle closed with another rubber stopper. Preservation: Keep in dry places. Wipe the product with a soft cloth after use. Brand Information Brand: Vacu Vin. Material: silicone. Products are not warranted.

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