Vinturi - Red wine aerator tower set

SKU: V1071
Describe: Vinturi wine pouring tower enhances the aroma and flavor, brings a smooth aftertaste to the wine by helping the wine "breathe" for 30 seconds, making the wine taste more mature. When poured, Vinturi emits a distinctive sound that few products on the market have. Classic design, can decorate on the banquet table. The tool is easy to disassemble and clean with a dishwasher. Use only for red wine. Products include: oxygen alcohol purifier and retention tower. Size Information: Weight: 1.6 kg Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 9 cm Use & Storage Use: Enhances the aroma and flavor, giving the wine a smooth finish by helping the wine breathe in just 30 seconds. Preservation: Keep in dry places. Clean the product with clean water. Brand Information Brand: Vinturi. Material: high quality synthetic resin. 1 year warranty.

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