Vita Craft - Super iron wok

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Describe: The Pan Craft Super Iron Pan with the convenience of being able to be used to process a variety of foods, is the first choice of Japanese cooking lovers. The pan is covered with 4 layers of Nitride and iron treatment technology used for ships and airplanes, not only to overcome the disadvantages of conventional iron pans, but also to increase the durability and resistance to rust for the pan. Stainless steel arm section with ergonomic, heat-resistant design makes it a great experience even for first-time users of iron cookware. Besides, with the same characteristics as cast iron pan, Vita Craft iron pan can be used on all types of stoves and after each use of oil will be absorbed by the pan surface to create a natural anti-stick layer for pan. Note: Do not clean the pan with the dishwasher. Use: Specialized in making fried, fried, etc. Preservation: For first time use: Wash the pan with warm water; Rinse the surface of pan with some vegetable oil. Cleaning the pan: Limit the use of detergent to protect the natural nonstick layer of the pan; Use sponge to clean the pan; After washing, dry the pan and store in a cool, dry place. Brand Information Brand: Vita Craft. Made in Japan. Material: iron. 1 year warranty.

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