ZWILLING - Madura non stick fry pan

SKU: 66289-206
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Describe: ZWILLING's Madura non-stick pan ensures delicious cooking and is safe for health thanks to superior technology and strictly controlled quality. The product adopts pure aluminum forging technology under high pressure, high durability and Plasma Primer coating to minimize scratches and wear resistance. Duraslide Granite multi-layer non-stick surface is 40 times more durable than traditional PTFE non-stick layer, completely free of PFOA, nickel and heavy metals, absolutely safe for user health. Exquisite Italian design suitable for all modern kitchens, technical quality meets strict German standards. Use: Specialized for processing fried foods. Can be used on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers and ovens. Preservation: Do not use sharp objects to contact, rub the pan surface. Safe cleaning with dishwasher. Hand hygiene: use a soft cloth, wipe gently; Do not use toilet products. Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: ZWILLING. Made in: Italy. 1 year warranty. Material: pure aluminum.

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