ZWILLING - Moment non stick fry pan

SKU: 66249-240
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Describe: Zwilling Moment non-stick stainless steel frying pan gives you a great experience during cooking and is suitable for cooking egg or fish dishes. With the Sigma Classic 3-layer bottoming technology, heat is spread quickly and the heat amplitude is stable, helping you save energy when cooking. Duraslide Ultra non-stick coating without PFOA is durable and heat resistant up to 320 degrees Celsius helps limit food sticking to the pan even when using less fat. Ergonomic handle design makes it easy to handle. Can be used on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. Use: Specialized in making egg and fish dishes. Use on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. Preservation: Do not use sharp objects to contact, rub the pan surface. Safe cleaning with dishwasher. Hand hygiene: use a soft cloth, wipe gently, do not use a product to clean the toilet. Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: ZWILLING. Material: stainless steel 18/10. 1 year warranty.

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