ZWILLING - Professional S knife set - 3pcs

SKU: 35645-002
Describe: The Professional S series of knives are made from specially formulated ZWILLING steel, combined with FRIODUR® cold-roll technology to give the blade a superior elasticity and corrosion resistance. SIGMAFORGE® forging technology, forging from monolithic steel, helps the knife achieve sharpness, precision and excellent balance. The classic handle and knife neck are seamless, making the knife easy to clean and food not stuck. PROFESSIONAL "S" set of 2 dishes: Chef knife + sliced ​​knife + vegetable cutter. Size Information: Weight: 0.6 kg. Dimensions: 42 x 13.5 x 3.0 cm. Use: Specialized for cutting, slicing vegetables, meat, fish. Preservation: Hygiene products by hand. Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: ZWILLING. Made in Germany. Material: ZWILLING special formula steel. Products are not warranted.

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