ZWILLING - Quadro cookware set - 5pcs

SKU: 65060-000
Describe: Special ZWILLING® Quadro cookware set with silicone sealing ring prevents moisture from escaping during cooking. Stainless steel handle is firm and safe to use. Made of high-grade steel 18/10, safe to cook. 3-layer pan bottom, SIGMA CLASSIC bottom-closure technology for fast heat transfer and even heat distribution. There is a scale of water level inside the pot. Use on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. ZWILLING® Quadro set of 5 pieces including: 1 pack of 1.5 liters, 1 pot of 2 liters, 1 pot of 3 liters, 1 pot of 4 liters, 1 pot of 6 liters Size Information: Weight: 9.0 kg. Dimensions: 55 x 33 x 27 cm. Use: Can be used on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. Preservation: Do not use sharp objects to scratch or scrub the pot. Washable with dishwasher. Do not clean the pot with a pan. Keep in dry places. Brand Information: Brand: ZWILLING. Material: high-class 18/10 stainless steel. 1 year warranty.

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