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ZWILLING - Twin Choice non stick fry pan

Thương hiệu: ZWILLING
Mã SP: 40959-241
Kích thước
Hotline hỗ trợ: 0933445030
Số lượng
Describe: Twin Choice non-stick stainless steel frying pan made from 18/10 stainless steel specially formulated by ZWILLING combined with 3-layer SIGMA Clad monolithic molding technology to optimize retention, distribution and amplitude stability heat. Non-stick ceramic coating does not contain PTFE and PFOA, does not affect the taste of food. The product is used on all types of stoves, optimally on magnetic cookers and ovens. Use: Specialized for processing fried foods. Use on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers. Preservation: Do not use sharp objects to contact, rub the pan surface. Safe cleaning with dishwasher. Hand hygiene: use a soft cloth, wipe gently; Do not use toilet products. Keep in dry places. Brand Information Brand: ZWILLING. 1 year warranty. Material high-grade stainless steel.
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