ZWILLING - V-Edge knife sharpener

SKU: 32605-000
Describe: ZWILLING V-Edge sharpener has a compact design, easy to store and use. With 2 sets of grinding blades of different fineness and 2 sets of splints reserved for European and Japanese knife lines, the tool ensures that the knife achieves the sharpness as when grinding with abrasives. Two splinters with splint A for European knife lines and splint B for ZWILLING Japanese knife lines. Supporting feet are made of non-slip rubber, making the knife sharpening safer. Suitable for all ZWILLING German and Japanese knives, not for bread knives. Size Information: Weight: 1.0 kg. Size: 20 x 8 x 21 cm. Use & Storage: Use: Step 1: Place the tool on a flat, firm surface. Step 2: Choose a set of blue sharpening blades to remove the debris on the blade, then put the knife into the groove between the two sharpening blades and pull the knife in the direction from the tool holder to the tip. Step 3: Replace the green blade and repeat the sharpening so that the knife is as sharp as the original. Preservation: Clean the blade unit with clean water after each use. Keep in dry places. Brand Information: Brand: ZWILLING. Material Stainless steel. Products without warranty.

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